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"How to Pick the Big Winning Scratch Off Ticket Using an Ex-Lottery Retailer's Insider Scratch Off Techniques!"

...At Last, Discover INSIDER Scratch Off Secrets
By an Ex-Lottery Retailer!

From: Ace Lee (Ex-Lottery Retailer)

Dear Scratch Off Player,

        Hi, my name is Ace Lee and I've been an ex-lottery retailer for the past 5 years.  When I used to work in the store, I noticed a lot of my customers come in and buy scratch off tickets.  And you know what the sad part about it is?  They lost SO much money.  Not just once but almost on a regular basis. 

I have been featured on many newspapers for my scratch off system.

        And the reason most people lose in the scratch offs is NOT because the scratch off game has bad odds.  In fact, scratch offs have the BEST ODDS for winning compared to all the other games (like pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and the pick 6 lotto games).

        The reason why so many scratch off players lose money is because they play without a STRATEGY.  And for your information, the MAJORITY of people who play scratch offs play without a strategy.

        Most likely, you also probably don't have a strategy.  Most likely, you probably purchase scratch off tickets RANDOMLY without even thinking and just hope on "luck" to win.  Unfortunately, the average population believes this and plays this way.

        Being in the business, I've spoken to a lot of lottery insiders and experts on a regular basis, have found what the odds are for each and EVERY game, and have noticed that there are ways to PINPOINT your way to figure out EXACTLY which scratch off lottery ticket to buy. 

        Not only do I know this strategy works but I've personally witnessed smart & experienced scratch off players utilize this strategic method in order to MAXIMIZE their profits while minimizing their losses.

I Found Out That Only a Few Small Percentage Of Scratch Off Players Win MORE Than Others...

        Yes... As an ex-lottery retailer, I noticed how some scratch off players won MORE often than other scratch off players.

        It wasn't because they spent more money.  It wasn't because they were lucky.  But it was because they had done something DIFFERENT than the average player.

        ...And I started to notice their UNIQUE SECRET.  I noticed which scratch off ticket they picked.  And this seemed to be a very effective way to win BIG in the scratch offs game.

        Throughout the years being in the lottery business, I compiled a system allowing ANYONE to use to play more EFFECTIVELY in the scratch off tickets game. 

        That system is called called the "How to Win Scratch Offs" System.

Here's What You Will Discover In The
"How to Win Scratch Offs" System...

"How to Win Scratch Offs" system

  • How to find out the LUCKIEST store to play scratch offs.

  • How to know which scratch off ticket to play.

  • How to pick the winning scratch off ticket to win big.

  • Learn when the best time to play scratch offs is.

  • Know what store is the luckiest store to play.

  • Learn a technique that can guarantee you success more than 99% of other scratch card players.

  • Discover a technique that can guarantee you will never ever lose big.

  • How to maximize your profits every single time you play scratch off lottery tickets.

  • How to have the store clerk help you pick the best winning tickets.

  • Discover the 4 secret questions you MUST ask the store clerk before you buy any scratch off ticket.

  • How to know the exact odds of winning in ANY scratch off lottery ticket.

  • How to know which scratch off ticket has the best odds of winning.

  • How to know the odds of a scratch off game immediately.

  • Find out the difference between playing the $1, $2, $3, $5, or more expensive scratch offs.

  • Learn insider techniques to win more in the scratch offs.

  • How to know when to stop playing the scratch offs.

  • How to know what type of store to play to maximize your success playing the scratch off tickets.

  • And so much more...

Plus, It's Easy to Implement...

        Yes!  The "How to Win Scratch Offs" system is very easy to understand so that you can immediately put it to work starting today if you want to.

        This system does NOT require you to be smart.  This system is NOT complicated nor difficult to follow.  In fact, I made it into a STEP BY STEP, easy-to-follow formula so even complete newbies can follow and implement it starting today.

        All this system requires of you is to simply follow it.  And when you follow it STEP BY STEP, you will most likely PROFIT more than you did in the past and lose LESS than you did in the past.  So in the end, you go home losing less and winning more. 

        Not to mention you can smile at the convenience store owner, who's probably confused why you seem to be the "luckiest" person in that store.  Just don't tell anybody because then you can be the ONLY one who takes the winners in your store.

        For the first time, I am revealing to you my step-by-step scratch off secrets that can help you make money in the scratch off game like never before.

Here are 7 More Reasons To Choose This System...

Reason #1: I have personally sold big winning scratch off tickets as $25, $50, $100, and even up to $7,777.  I know where these winning tickets are most likely to be and when you should buy them.  Follow my system and you too will be effective in winning the next time you play scratch offs.

Reason #2:  I am the FIRST & ORIGINAL author to come up with a scratch off system.  This means, you will receive the most comprehensive & up-to-date tips instead of a watered down version.

Reason #3:  I am the FIRST & ONLY official lottery retailer to create a scratch off system.  You will receive insider secrets from an ex-lottery retailer who has had sold hundreds (if not thousands) of scratch off winning tickets for many years. 

Reason #4:  I have personally talked to many "lottery insiders" such as lottery winners, lottery experts, lottery authors, lottery enthusiasts, lottery agents, and lottery retailers.
You will discover INSIDER secrets that cannot be revealed anywhere because you will get tips, techniques, and secrets that are from the lessons I have discovered from the REAL lottery insiders.

Reason #5:  This is the MOST realistic method to win in the lottery guaranteed.
Yeah, I know there are books on how to win the million dollar lottery but those methods do NOT work.  In fact, I am very confident that my course on how to play scratch offs is more realistic in terms of getting realistic wins compared to many other courses focused on the big lotto games.

Reason #6:  The "How to Win Scratch Offs" system is the  MOST realistic way to win the lottery.  Unlike most other lotto courses that teach you how to win in a VERY difficult game, the "How to Win Scratch Offs" will actually help you win in the scratch off game which is the game with the BEST ODDS.

Reason #7:  The "How to Win Scratch Offs" system is the FIRST & ONLY scratch off system by an actual ex-lottery retailer.  For the very first time, you will find out how to win in the scratch offs game from a lottery insider's point of view.

        If you don't believe me, check out what others have to say about my "How to Win Scratch Offs" system.

"I won $10,000 on a scratch off today!"

"Thanks for all your amazing advice Ace. I won $10,000 on a scratch off today and it is all thanks to your gifted advice. keep on keeping on!"

how to win scratch tickets

Bobby Nickles
Albany, NY

"I won $1,000 on a $5 Scratch Ticket!"

"I won $1,000 on a $5 Scratch Ticket here in Greensboro, NC
I'm so elated! You are amazing! Ace, You Rock & Rule~"

Laurann Holder Hooks
Greensboro, NC

"Hi Ace,

Congratulations!  I read your book over the weekend and was most impressed.  I have refused recommendations for other lotto courses in the past, either because a)  They made unrealistic promises, or b) The content was very poor.

I have a strong focus on telling people there is no magic bullet, just ways to improve their odds; that they will lose more often than they win; and that they should only play with money they can afford to lose.

Yours is the first book I have reviewed that is equally strong in this area.  Your content is excellent, well presented and makes good sense.

It will be a pleasure to recommend your lottery course my friend."

Terry Fisher
Author of "Winning Lotto" Course & Double Million Dollar Lottery Winner

"Profited Over $1,550!"

"I have used your system for about 4 weeks now and I have profited over $1,550!"

- Wesley Bright (Orlando, Florida)

"I Have Won $1,800!"

"Hi Ace: Since Dec 2008. I have won $1,800.00 at a third of my cost. Thanks."

Aaron Campbell (Albany, NY)

"Won $200!"

"It has been nearly three months since I ordered your lottery system and I must admit it has and does work, particularly on the scratchers! Here in Texas I won $200.00 in a scratch off game called "Monthly Bonus" using your instructions and that was in 1 day!"

Anthony Ford (Dallas, TX)

"I Have Won More Money..."

"I have purchased your course and I have won MORE money lately than I have done before."

Brenda Price (Miami, FL)

  • "I have been playing your system for almost a year now and I think I finally have it.  I did win $100 the other day, netting $85 after a couple of buys.  Since trying the system, I have won more and had more fun playing.  Thanks."
    - Jay Tanenbaum (Raleigh, NC)

  • "I won $100 this way!"
    - Larry C. (Jacksonville, FL)

  • "...On the very first try, on the very first day that I decided to buy a scratcher, I won $30!  Man was I excited...If you want to get those extra dollars back that the government took, then this is the book you want.  It's cheep and easy to read and you'll start winning in no time at all."
    - Kyle Miller (Kona, HI)

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  • I bought the package a couple of days ago.  The information seems VERY valuable.
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  • "I just recently purchased your system. And found the things you pointed out to be rather interesting."
    - Shannon Arnett (Phoenix, AZ)

  • "Hi Ace...Just finished reading through the system and I like it!  Working up a weekly budget to stick to, since I believe that's the most important thing to control the losses and maximize the winnings! Thanks for the tips!"
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  • "Interesting e-book. I will be trying out these secrets. Great transaction."
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Disclaimer: Income claims or results shown in this site are purely based on some user experience and are not typical. Due to the fact that we do not  receive results from every user for this information, that makes the typical result zero and thus we do not know nor can we guarantee that you will make money.  As with any LOTTERY GAME, you run the risk of not making any money at all or even losing money.

Since these people have had such great results from my system...

How Much Is It Worth To Have The
"How to Win Scratch Offs" System

It has taken me over 5 years digging, talking to winners, testing, researching, analyzing, and compiling my tips just so I could come up with an easy-to-understand step-by-step lottery system that can help you increase your chances at winning the scratch offs game.

Plus it has taken me MANY MANY hours writing, revising, editing, and compiling these tips into one actual method.

...And I normally charge a lot for my time.  Not to mention the 5+ years of research and interviewing real life scratch off winners for this system.

But it won't cost you very much and here's why...

Because my "How to Win Scratch Offs" is a digital downloadable product, my business spending has been minimized.  Thus, I wanted to share the savings for you as well.

So it won't cost you a fortune.

Your Price = $47.00

        That's right.  It will only cost you a minimum investment.  But it doesn't stop there.

        Because I have 100% confidence in my system working for you, I offer you to see it for yourself and put my method to the test.

        I am ultra-confident in my "How to Win Scratch Offs" system working for you.

        And that's why...I am offering you a RISK-FREE for 60 days with our 100% money-back guarantee...

Try It Risk-Free For 60-Days With
My 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

Let me tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen when you buy this "How to Win Scratch Offs" System...

  • You will save MORE money from losses than ever before.

  • You will discover MORE scratch off secrets than you did before.

  • You will insure MAXIMUM profit whenever you win in the scratch offs game.

  • You will insure MINIMUM losses whenever you do happen to lose in the game.

  • You will use the BEST strategy for maximizing your chances of winning in the scratch offs game.

  • You will achieve all of these benefits within 60 days...
    OR Else...

  • You Will Receive 100% of All Your Money-Back
    Guaranteed No-Questions Asked.

Yes.  If for whatever reason, you do not maximize your profits, minimize your losses, and have greater efficiency in playing the scratch offs game, then within the first 60 days you can ask for your money back. I'll refund every single penny you invested, and we can part as friends.

Once you actually put my proven step-by-step formula you find in my "How to Win Scratch Offs" System to work for you, I'm confident you're going to be satisfied with the effective techniques to greatly improve your results in the scratch offs game.

Ace Lee
Creator of the "How to Win Scatch Offs" Course

And YES...You Will Get More...


Free Bonus:  "How to Win Scratch Offs" Exclusive Newsletter

  • You will be listed into the BEST exclusive scratch off tips newsletter.

  • You will receive the best, no-fluff, and most updated scratch off secrets when it comes out.

  • Get additional inside information from a convenience store owner who speaks to lottery agents on a regular basis.

So there you go. You now have a great opportunity to realistically win MORE in the scratch off game PLUS the extra bonus.

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Here's How To Order:

"Yes Ace... I Want To Grab My Copy of the "How to Win Scratch Offs" System Today!"

In Summary, You Will Get:

"How to Win Scratch Offs" System



"How to Win Scratch Offs" System

win scratch off tickets

"How to Win Scratch Offs" Exclusive Newsletter

win scratch off tickets

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Ace Lee
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P.S.  Remember, this is the ONLY scratch off course written by an actual ex-lottery retailer.

P.P.S.  Also, this system works in ALL countries because the same scratch off principles work world-wide.  So, get your copy now.

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